Black woman in handcuffs

If you are a party animal in Kampala, you might want to be a little more careful with what you drink, who you drink with, and those beautiful strangers you find at the hangouts.

We have always heard stories of men complaining about women who go to nightclubs focusing on hooking up with the rich men. Usually, these men are robbed; sometimes before they even leave the club, others who go an extra mile of taking these girls home are swept clean of their property only to wake up the next morning in shock.

How is this done by these very attractive-looking ladies? We might just have found an answer after police allegedly nabbed one of the top culprits in that theft scheme.

It is alleged that a one Aine Mbabazi Jackie has been one of the masterminds of this crime and she was being trailed by the Police Flying Squad Unit in Kampala for a while.

Jackie is reported to have been pitching camp at some of the top luxurious bars and hotels within the city, targeting high profile personalities and other rich-looking men.

She allegedly moves with doses of chloroform in her bag which she administers in the victim’s drink as they hang at the bar. That is for the lucky ones that get to be robbed at the bar.

When you become unconscious, maybe on the dance floor, she kindly helps you sit down and does a clean sweep through your pockets, swiftly laving with whatever you have.

She is really beautiful looking and some men don’t get the chance to be robbed while at the bar. Those that want to have extra-time with her usually take her to their homes.

Upon reaching, she uses the same chloroform and while you are dead asleep, she calls on her colleagues who report with a vehicle and carry with them whatever possession rendered valuable.

Jackie is likely to appear at City Hall Court today where she will be charged with theft.

One Down! Let’s be more careful of the people we hang out with. Take extra watch of your beverages while at the bar.

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