Our fingers are tied and we hope Nina Roz doesn’t land on this but it seems like there is more than just friendship between Beenie Gunter and Lydia Jazmine as the latter confirms.

Relationships between artistes in Uganda has been something which is normal despite several always denying it during interviews for various reasons.

In the past, Beenie Gunter has been rumored to be in relationships with a couple of female artistes, most notably Nina Roz – and now he is being believed to be in one with Lydia Jazmine.

Lydia Jazmine

The two artistes exhibited deep chemistry and affection in the video of their new collaboration titled ‘No Letting Go’, a song in which they assure unending love to each other.

The deep chemistry shown in the video has left several music fans puzzled as others are forced to believe what the tabloids write linking the two artistes to be romantically related.

Well, Lydia Jazmine left a hint about their relationship as she replied to a tweet of a fan who seemed puzzled about where the two were when writing this song.

She revealed that they were in studio as they got the vibes to record the song. She noted that they are close to each other and there is a strong connection between them which must have left such a great collaboration.

They make a good couple anyway, don’t they?

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