Fresh Kid being enrolled into Kampala Parents School as his father and mother look on | PHOTO BY Nicholas Bamulanzeki

Madrine Namata, the mother to rap sensation Patrick Ssenyonjo a.k.a Fresh Kid, is very bitter with her ex-lover Paul Mutabazi for getting greedily involved in their son’s music business.

At the start of this week, several reports were published claiming that Fresh Kid’s father was in a bitter row with his manager, Kamoga Francis which saw the latter almost fired from his position.

What Namata does not understand is how her ex-lover, who abandoned her with the little children many years ago, has only resurfaced after their seven-year-old son making it onto the big scene.

Fresh Kid’s mother, manager, and father pose for a photo with Permanent Secretary Pius Bigirimana before agreeing on an MOU earlier in May 2019

She believes he is greedy for the money the rapper is making and has never had the right intentions of preparing a good future for his children. She now wants full custody of her son.

If it is the money that is causing him to be like this, let him be paid and I get my son back. To be with my child is all I want because I have raised them through suffering single-handedly.

Madrine Namata

She also revealed how the rapper’s father left her for dead during pregnancy and it was only community members, and later her sister, that came to the rescue yet the father of the child was nowhere to be seen.

Whoever is coming up now was never part of Fresh Kid’s upbringing. That man does not even know what the child needs on a daily basis. Let him give me my child, I raise him, and I’ll give him back when he is fully grown.

She added

Fresh Kid’s mother noted that his father has false belief that manager Kamoga Francis exploits his son and pockets most of the money yet she believes the manager has been transparent enough about their son’s finances.

He is too money-minded. He thinks that the money he has failed to make in over forty years will be made through our young child. That’s what brought all these problems.

Madrine Namata

While appearing on NBS TV, the teary mother vowed to fight for full custody of her son because she does not believe his father has the right intentions for his future.

What do you make of this situation?

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