According to his manager, the youngest trending Ugandan rapper Fresh Kid could be making much more money if it was not for the several limitations that were imposed on him by the ministry of gender.

It should be remembered that on May 23rd 2019 – accompanied by his parents, promoters, and manager – Fresh Kid signed a MOU as he joined Kampala Parents School.

Several limitations were imposed on him in order to ensure that he partakes education seriously and behaves as a normal child at the school despite being a big star across the country.

Part of these limitations bar Fresh Kid from; performances during weekdays, traveling without the principal’s acknowledgement, among others which his manager believes are preventing him from making a fortune for himself.

Fresh Kid making consultations after signing MOU to join Kampala Parents School

Fresh Kid’s manager, Kamoga Francis, made the remarks during an interview as he responded to rumors that he had been fired something which he believes is coming up because of misunderstandings between the rapper’s parents.

Fresh Kid’s mother and father have their own misunderstandings, family issues which I don’t want to get involved in because I only manage the artiste.

Kamoga Francis

When contacted, Fresh Kid’s father revealed that he retrieved his son from Kamoga’s custody because he started classes at Kampala Parents School and it will be easier for him to access school while living at his home near the school located in Naguru.

He also noted that he has no plans of taking over management from Kamoga because he has so far managed his son’s talent well and nothing about the management is going to change.

Despite being confident of retaining his role as Fresh Kid’s manager, Francis Kamoga revealed that if at any point anyone wants to take his place, they should consider the five-year agreement he made at the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development.

He further went on to reveal that the rapper is trending on every platform and would have been making a lot of money had it not been for the several strict limitations that were imposed on him by the ministry.

Watch the full interview below;

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