It has been a nightmare for days in the Team No Sleep camp as self-styled Swagg Mama Sheebah Karungi struggles to come up with a diss song directed to her rival Cindy Sanyu.

Sheebah’s last two releases, Jealousy and Kimansulo have been negatively criticized by music fans and even fellow artistes who believe they don’t match her own standards.

There has been a general belief that the TNS songstress is trying too hard to prove a point that she is a better artiste than the legendary Cindy, even at her own game in the dancehall music genre.

Sheebah Karungi

Cindy Sanyu believes that her nemesis could be releasing horrendous music because she is under pressure to try and match her highly set dancehall standards.

She now advises that she takes a deep breath and relaxes so that she can get back to her normal self and start releasing music that has gained her such a huge following over the years.

Anything done under pressure never comes out well. Relax. Live for now.

Cindy Sanyu | Instagram

What do you think of Cindy’s advice?

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