In mid-may, Irene Ntale seemed unsure when several fans joined efforts to ask mostly about her virginity than anything else as she opened up her social media pages to receive questions.

That was not the first time her virginity was being questioned after several interviews always go the same direction. She always neither confirms, nor denies.

On Monday however, the former Swangz Avenue revealed that she is still a virgin regardless of what people say or think. The tweet, which was later deleted, received massive reactions as people questioned the possibility.

In another tweet, probably after several men sliding into the DM promising heaven and earth with proposals of marriage, the Pen & Paper singer revealed that she is not ready for marriage.

Clearly Am not Ready for marriage. Please don’t propose. Okay bye.

Irene Ntale | Twitter

Sounds like good news to the several hopefuls who might choose to believe what she says but it’s a disappointment for others who question how no single ‘Stamina Daddy’ has given her the experience.

The case can now go to rest, until you have proof that she isn’t the virgin she claims to be.

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