Do you remember when American president Donald Trump called Uganda a ‘shithole’ country?

The upset Ebango baliwanika hit-maker Rickman has also taken the same route to label his home country a ‘shithole’ after police summoned Martha Kay over her leaked nude photos.

Rickman believes that, at the moment, Martha Kay should be receiving psychological support and care following the trauma that she is going through.

To his dismay, Martha is rather facing arrest by police after the Anti Pornography Committee issued an arrest warrant for her and Shawula Kasule whose nude videos were leaked online.

A bitter Rickman took to his Instagram page and wrote the following:

Now this is what they call shit hole country shit hole system shit hole interpretation of law .. shit shit shit shit … how the fuck did the victims become criminals!!! People that should be getting support psychologically, cared for after the trauma even during this agony you arrest someone… this is absolute bull shit like wtf.. Why is the system failing don’t mistreat the woman that is already mistreated and robbed of her dignity, respect and trust . A suffering woman come on .. Men !! We are trash indeed… But the system is trash 100000% you are supposed to help these women not the other way round… Mr president please stop these men from disgracing our country. You have done a good job with peace please let these women find peace in their beloved country … #arrestthecriminalnotthevictim


With all that said but do you think Rickman has a point in this case?

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