The fresh air at the Lugogo Bypass road will always make you want to roll down your car windows just to catch the breeze of clean air but THINK TWICE before falling for the temptation.

In his sport car – a white BMW convertible – Charlie Denzel Mwiyeretsi loves to keep the roof open as he cruises through the city. His swagg has never been a problem but it seems to always cost him much.

Denzel and his BMW

Yesterday, at around 9pm, the XFM presenter was again reminded that Kampala is not a city filled with buildings only – but Kifeesi too – after a thief snatched a phone from his car.

The iPhone 7+ snatched yesterday is the second phone Denzel has lost in a similar way, around the same area and he is not ready to keep gifting the Kifeesi crew.

He has now vowed never to stop at the Lugogo Bypass traffic lights again so as not to fall victim of the thieves that loiter in the area. Disobeying traffic laws has a cost of fines but the media personality is willing to pay the price.

This is not the first time the Lugogo Bypass traffic lights are being used as spots for Kifeesi activities. The lights at Kira Road have been marked as Kifeesi spots as well.

Another tweep gives an account of her friend who was whisked away from the same area on a boda boda, only to be beaten and robbed by the thugs in Naguru.

On another scenario, in 2018, a car was broken into as the driver waited for the lights to turn green and a laptop was taken on top of leaving the driver injured after a huge stone was hurled to shatter the car window.

With the city center still littered with criminals of a kind, one is left to wonder what the role of Police is especially after the public has alerted them about such dark spots.

Sorry Denzel, take the lesson and keep the windows up. But again, when do those boxing skills help you?

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