The devil is a liar – Irene Ntale, with all the sexiness and good vibes, wants to live single sadly ever after. She has been leaving hints and she breaks the hearts of hopeful men yet again.

In the past few weeks, Irene Ntale has been professing how she is living a beautiful single life without regrets and how she is not ready to settle down with a man in marriage. We didn’t believe her.

She is back to reaffirm her statements as she leaves a hint that she might never need a man in the rest of her life. Through her Twitter, Ntale noted that she became the man she wanted to have.

That also means that she is living her single life by choice and she is comfortable with everything happening around her. Why then would she need a man?

Her desire to live a single life leaves many questions unanswered and I’ll add my own to the effect: Who broke your big heart Irene? Show us that man and we’ll discipline him accordingly.

I’ll acknowledge, Irene Ntale still looks sweet and younger than 30 despite stepping on that third floor on January 30th 2019. If she ever changes her mind, there’s plenty of fish ready to hold tightly onto her hook and out of the sea.

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