Not many Ugandans will want to believe this but Wema Sepetu will be spending seven days in prison having fallen on the wrong side of the law in Tanzania that bars the sharing of indecent photos and videos online.

Sepetu’s woes come just a week after the Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s court issued an arrest warrant against her for failure to appear in court over intimate videos that went viral on social media, a few months ago.

October 2018 saw social media littered with indecent content of Wema Sepetu including a video in which she appeared in bed making love with a man she revealed as her future husband.

Reuben Simwanza, Sepetu’s lawyer defended her saying that she failed to make it to court as ordered because she fell ill and could not make it to the court room despite making it to the court premises.

The electronic laws in Tanzania ensure that the culprit involved in sharing nudity online is banned for six months from any film or music related works on top of barring them from social media.

The actress, beauty queen, and politician will be spending one week in prison as she awaits the court’s ruling on an appeal filed by her lawyer.

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