With the restructuring of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) in May, several musicians have come out to reveal that they were not informed nor invited to be part of the association and hence it might become just another failure like many others that have been formed the same way in the past.

Moses Ssali a.k.a Bebe Cool had a chat with MC Ibra and among the several topics discussed in the interview, Bebe talked about his stand on the erection of several music associations intended to represent artistes on bigger stages.

As an approved senior adviser with the Uganda Musicians Association, the Gagamel chief believes that there is hope for artistes in the country especially with the formation of the UMA because it acts for them as a united group which makes representation easier in the higher offices of government.

Since its enactment, the UMA has faced criticism from several people including legendary artiste Daniel Kazibwe a.k.a Ragga Dee who noted that it was created to fuel selfish needs of just a few artistes at the top.

Ragga Dee

In his opinion, Ragga Dee does not believe the UMA has got what is required to represent the artistes of all kinds because some of them were intentionally ignored, including himself, Juliana Kanyomozi, among others.

In response, Bebe believes that Ragga Dee rushed to air out his opinion about an issue he wasn’t really well informed about.

Firstly, I think the old man commented like a blind man. Ideally, if he had any grievances, he should have first gone to the committee and addressed his concern as an artiste before putting it out in the media.

Secondly, when you give birth to a child and they die, it doesn’t mean that you stop trying to conceive another one. I learnt that from the president of this country. Just because the other associations have failed, it doesn’t stop us from going forward as we try to come up with others until we find that particular one that will be successful.

Bebe Cool

He also rubbished the talk that the association was created to steal funds from the president because the Ministry of Finance is the one responsible for issuing these funds and there’s no way the president can fund the association without understanding how it operates.

Bebe added that Ragga Dee has been a beneficiary of the government funds for several years but cannot produce the accountability for that money. He asked the veteran singer to give the right advice to the younger crop of artistes rather than creating conflicts when least needed.

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