Nobody can stop reggae music and I can attest to that having witnessed what a force it can be. If you missed watching Chronixx perform at the Pulse Jam Fest, we got you covered.

On Saturday 29th June 2019, all roads in Kampala led to Sheraton Hotel where 26-year-old Jamar Rolando McNaughton a.k.a Chronixx was set to perform. The emcees of the day; Deedan and Patrick Salvado played their role to get the mood going earlier that evening.

Sheraton Hotel was filled up before nighttime

Some of the Ugandan artistes that performed included Beenie Gunter, Weasel, Jose Chameleone, Vampino, Benon Mugumbya, Buchaman, the Party People, and Cindy Sanyu whose saucy performance continued to prove why she is the King Herself.

Cindy Sanyu performs

Maddox Sematimba, arguably the biggest reggae legendary artiste in Uganda, stepped on stage at 9pm and performed most of his hit songs. Unlike on other shows where his performances seem a bit reserved, his energy was in full blast at this concert and the fans loved every bit of it.

At around 9:33pm, the Zinc Fence Redemption Band took over stage and at that point we knew IT WAS TIME!! They played the sweet sounds of the guitars, keyboards, and drums, and you could tell that we were in for a moving live performance.

There was a slight glitch in sound just before Chronixx stepped on stage and for a moment, the band had to leave stage just to let the stage managers do one more soundcheck. DJ Naselow filled the gap with some reggae vibes but the crowd wasn’t willing to wait any longer.

Donned in an orange African print shirt and sky blue trousers, Chronixx hit the stage at around 10pm and my oh my, the crowd grew wild! He performed most of his hit songs including Skankin’ Sweet, Majesty, Here Comes Trouble, Spanish Town Rockin‘, Smile Jamaica, Likes, Black Is Beautiful, among others.

In The Zone: Chronixx performing at Sheraton Kampala Hotel

It was an emotional moment, one that really caught my attention, when the Jamaican asked for the stage lights to be dimmed towards the end of his performance. He then asked the revelers to put their lighters up as he performed his ‘Like A Whistle’ song as a tribute to the souls lost in the Sudan crisis.

He went on to perform his other songs and by the time he left the stage, just a few minutes to midnight, I could not feel my legs – even so, people wanted to hear more of his reggae vibes. The atmosphere was cloudy too and I’m not talking about the weather here. If you know, you know.

With tickets having gone for 40k and 100k VIP, the revelers must have left contented and there’s no better way any reggae music lover would have spent a Saturday evening.

A show to remember! Thanks to the organizers led by Talent Africa and all the performers on the night who made it a memorable show.

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Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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