The difference between a person who has attended school and one who has never spent a minute in the classroom is always noticeable. Despite the saying that literacy doesn’t earn you a successful life, it does give you an edge.

Renown music promoter Olim Charles, famously known as Sipapa Entertainment, has realized the importance of school in someone’s life and he urges students to use their chance and acquire the highest education possible.

Photos posted on his social media show him posing for a few photos in a car with so much money (in dollar currency) in the co-driver’s seat. He then places the caption:

Am thinking if I had gone to school I would have been better than I am now. So if you have the chance use it.

Olim Charles | Facebook

Sipapa is known as a rich person and is one of the renown city moneybags who lives a lavish life. The source of his income has always been questioned but he has used his money to promote local talent and help the disadvantaged.

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