In Uganda, in respect of cultures and set requirements of accepted behavior, public nudity is looked at as immoral and hence people should stay away from it. There are even laws in place to manage that.

Despite the above, art in the country has hugely been characterized by nudity. Social media as well fueled the spread of nudity to a point where an anti-pornography committee was instilled to keep that in check.

But is it wrong for a person to wear their swimsuit and appear in a video? Common knowledge would suggest not but renown city pastor Martin Ssempa believes it’s not right.

Pastor Ssempa

He made his opinion known to American-based Ugandan rapper GNL Zamba when he shared visuals attached to his new song titled ‘Moonlight’ which relay women dressed in swimsuits dancing at the beach.

Pastor Sempa quoted the tweet and said that the video contained ‘too much opening of private parts‘ and hence was ‘obsessive‘. Zamba immediately reacted with a sub-tweet lecturing the pastor that the human body is a work of art of the divine and that we were created naked.

He further asserted that there’s no part in the bible that bars people from wearing swimsuits at the beach and it’s the pastor’s fault for having been obsessed with the private parts.

Ssempa continued to argue that despite the truth in Zamba’s statement, the shots were majorly focused between the legs of the models in the video to which Zamba argued that it’s the pastor’s own perception of art at fault.

Who’s right, who’s not?

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