MC Kats stops Fresh Daddy from performing, claims his music is wack

With the rise of a new music star comes with fans, die-hards, supporters, critics, haters, etc who bombard the music industry alongside the new kid on the block.

The case is not any different as regards Paul Mutabazi a.k.a Fresh Daddy who has, in the past one week, become one of the most talked about figures in Uganda’s music industry.

Mutabazi rose to fame a few months ago with the breakthrough of his son Patrick Ssenyonjo a.k.a Fresh Kid – the seven-year-old-rapper who took the industry by storm for his rap skills.

Fresh Daddy addresses journalists

On Thursday night, while making tours around bars to promote his new song, Fresh Daddy in company of Kalifah Aganaga were bounced out of the deejay’s booth and stopped from performing by NBS TV presenter MC Kats.

The emcee is not impressed by Fresh Daddy’s music and he trashed it saying that such type of music is killing the industry at a time when shareholders should be producing quality work.

We’re trying to go for copyright in parliament and you start singing bullsh*t like this. Aganaga, if you want to fight with us, we shall delete your songs as well, we lose nothing. You can go do those things in politics or comedy.

MC Kats

What happened as MC Kats stopped Fresh Daddy music from playing at Wave Lounge on Thursday night

Posted by Mbu on Friday, July 12, 2019

Music fans from the public, as well as celebrities, have already started reacting to Kats’ actions. Notably, comedian Patrick Salvado believes that talent has no formula and hence Fresh Daddy should be left to do what he wants.

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