The past four days have been such a heat wave in Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s life after he appeared in a video exposing his wife’s illness to his flock during a church service.

Several members of the public arose in condemnation of Bugingo’s statements as they defended his wife, Teddy Naluswa’s rights to secrecy as well as urging the pastor to always keep such secrets to himself.

Pastor Bugingo

Among those that reacted were celebrities including Ykee Benda who does not understand how hundreds of people in Bugingo’s church were applauding him as he kept spilling his wife’s secrets.

The Mpaka Records CEO made his voice heard today morning as he urged the believers to understand the concept of faith:

I don’t know anything more blinding like religion. The idea is to be lead by these men and women not to worship them instead. I have watched this Bujingo clip over and over again and I can’t believe the women shouting in praise of the nonsense coming out of this man’s mouth.

Ykee Benda

In his apology, the renown city pastor of House of Prayer Ministries revealed that several Human Rights activists, feminists, and women from the public unified in the fight against his statements.

Despite apologizing, he noted that it wasn’t because of the pressure that he was doing so – because he was misquoted – but rather because it wasn’t in his intentions to hurt any woman at all.

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