Bugingo will pay for humiliating a woman like that – Sheebah

Team No Sleep queen Sheebah Karungi got zero chills for city Pastor Aloysius Bugingo following a video clip that went viral on the internet in which he exposed his wife’s secrets and diseases to his flock.

Despite having issued an apology to the public, the TNS singer still had no kind words for the House of Prayer Ministries pastor.

In a post on her socials, the seemingly bitter Sheebah was forced to use the F-word while describing the ‘man of God’ as she vowed that he will have to pay for humiliating the mother of his children in such an unprofessional manner.

She went ahead and asserted that if she was one of his daughters she would have hated him for the rest of his sad life for disrespecting their mother. The Silwana singer then categorized men of such a character as weak.

MAN THE FUCK UP PASTOR 😡😡Who Says All That About The Mother Of Their Children??Thank God Am Not Your Child…I Would…

Posted by Sheebah on Sunday, July 14, 2019

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