I don’t think Bugingo will last more than 3 years with Susan – Bajjo Events

Whenever certain issues take a direction that many critics disagree with, they immediately set a life span for the matter. Such is the case with embattled city Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and his wife in-waiting Susan Makula who is rumored to be pregnant.

Controversial events promoter Andrew Mukasa, who trades as Bajjo Events, openly spoke his mind revealing how he does not think that Bugingo’s relationship with Susan can go past three years.

Pastor Aloysious Bugingo, the CEO of Salt Media.

I don’t expect Bugingo to last with Susan for more than three years.

Bajjo Events

In addition to his statement, Bajjo asserted that Bugingo ashamed himself the more following the way he revealed his and Teddy Naluswa’s bedroom secrets and diseases to his flock.

Pr. Bugembe Weighs in on Pr. Bugingo's Woes

VIDEO: "Pr. Bugingo is not a benchmark of a good pastor",Pr. Bugembe. He also urges Bugingo to take leave from the pulpit. #NBSUncut #NBSUpdates

Posted by NBS Television on Monday, July 15, 2019

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