Behold! Levixone is crushing again but this time it’s for holy reasons (for lack of a better expression). There’ is something about Lydia Jazmine that blows away the gospel singer’s mind.

A few weeks ago, the gospel singer failed to sleep after Miss World Africa Quiin Abenakyo followed him on his Instagram account. Yes, it’s those simple things that excite him.

Today, he is crushing on Lydia Jazmine’s voice having listened to her latest song titled ‘Ebintu Byange’. Levixone shot his shot in YouTube comments section on Jazmine’s video that was released on Monday evening.

He revealed how the songstress has such a beautiful voice and that he wants to see her do a worship song because God has richly blessed her. She replied affirmatively noting that the worship song is indeed on its way.

We’ll be honest, Jazmine sounds really nice on most of her songs but she might have done something extra on this new song. We can’t blame the man of God for falling for it. Watch the video below:

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