An in-depth look at the Tina Brad-styled gown for Miss World

Renown Ugandan stylist Tina Brad, real name Christine Akello, is the brilliant mind behind the gown which reigning Miss World Vanessa Ponce De Leon wore at the Miss Uganda 2019 grand finale.

Miss World arrived in Uganda on Wednesday July 23rd at around 2:00pm and made several tours around the country including a special visit to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s home in Rwakitura on Thursday.

She was an invited guest at the eventful Miss Uganda 2019 grand finale which saw the coronation of Oliver Nakakande as the new Miss Uganda taking over from Quinn Abenakyo.

Vanessa Ponce De Leon at Miss Uganda 2019 grand finale (Photo by Hanz Photography)

The gown which Vanessa Ponce De Leon wore at the event was styled by Tina Brad and we talked to her about the details, inspiration and concept behind the gown.

Tina Brad wanted Miss World Vanessa Ponce De Leon, to grace the event dressed in an outfit that embodied comfort, tradition, in fashion and elegance.

The gown was masterfully designed to showcase a chic and modern look inspired by the Gomesi, a traditional attire famous in the Central region of Uganda since 1940.

Vanessa Ponce De Leon at Miss Uganda 2019 grand finale (Photo by Hanz Photography)

The first noticeable feature are the sleeves. Traditionally, the Gomesi has short, puffed sleeves however Miss World’s gown was designed with off shoulder sleeves to give it an in vogue appeal whilst maintaining the frame.

The gown had a dress underneath inspired by a Kikooyi – an inner garment tied underneath the linen of Gomesi to ensure the fabric does not stick to the body. This is meant to accentuate the elegance and decency of the attire.

The belt on the gown featured a skirt spread on top of her dress giving prominence to the final part of the Gomesi inspired look which is the Sash. Miss World’s sash stylishly mimicked the complete look of a Gomesi with the addition of a decorous trail.

Vanessa Ponce De Leon at Miss Uganda 2019 grand finale (Photo by Hanz Photography)

A Gomesi is tied with a sash placed below the waist over the hips to not only give the attire shape but also to make it fashionable.

The look was topped off with feathers subtly adorned on a top, and lace on the bottom, of the gown. Tina chose feathers because they’re this seasons’ turned out fashion trend and blended beautifully with the champagne colored gown.

Tina Brad and Miss World Vanessa Ponce De Leon

Tina reveals that she made her pitch to have a dress made for Vanessa when she was in Ghana for Miss Ghana with Abenakyo. Quinn showed Vanessa the concept and her team loved it and approved to take it on. The outfit was tailored by Tina’s tailor in Turkey as per her concept.

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