Ever since Paul Mutabazi decided that music was going to be the next journey of his life, he has received praise and criticism in quite the same amounts.

Having been denied to perform at his first ever music gig at the Wave Lounge by MC Kats, the 40-year-old singer seemed to have brushed off the bad start with performances elsewhere.

His song dubbed Mazike is one of the most trending songs in the past two weeks. As much as you could argue that the reason for the trends are not quality-related, the numbers still go to his name.

A few music fans and revelers who attended the music concert at Aero Beach in Entebbe on Sunday disagree with those numbers and could not wait for any other opportunity to profess their dislike for Fresh Daddy when he arose to perform.

Midway, as he performed his trending Mazike song, bottles and other unidentified objects were sent flying stage-bound towards the smartly dressed singer.

Initially, Fresh Daddy seemed unbothered as he continued to sing until the objects increased in number. At some point, one would think it was just the tradition part of his performance but no, it wasn’t the case.

The revelers followed that up with insults and chants as they booed Fresh Daddy, ordering him off the stage. It took a brave events emcee to bare the objects being thrown as he grabbed the microphone off the singer and asked the crowds to calm down.

His pleas fell on deaf ears as Fresh Daddy grabbed the mic back to say his last remarks before walking off stage. The singer stubbornly hit back at the crowd with sharp words saying that what they had just done was nothing to him.

Whatever you’ve done is pointless. It is your loss. You paid your Shs10,000 to come and watch Fresh Daddy.

Fresh Daddy

What angered the fans is not clear yet because it is not the first time the singer was performing for a huge crowd. Is it something he said? Was it an organized stunt?

These are the same questions that were raised when Bebe Cool received similar treatment in 2018 and we are yet to understand the actual motive behind such practices.

Above all, we condemn the act and we are glad that Fresh Daddy was not injured by the objects thrown at him. We hope it has no psychological effect on him.

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Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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