My mother carried me for seven months – Sheebah reveals

Team No Sleep singer Sheebah Karungi was left speechless, surprised and in shock by her mother who showed up at her home as the two shared a lone time the whole day on Thursday.

We all know what a fond relationship Sheebah holds with her mother Ms. Edith Kabazungu. Their bond never withers and only gets stronger with each day that goes by.

You are probably asking yourself, “Which mother wouldn’t love her successful daughter?” Well, these two have stuck together from the early days when the man in their life departed from them.

Number One Fan: Sheebah Karungi’s mum (woman raising up her hand without a headwrap) attending one of the singer’s past concerts

Each time she gets an opportunity to speak, the TNS songstress never misses to mention that her mom is everything in her life because she raised her single-handedly.

Sheebah took her happiness on social media to reveal more about why her bond with her mother is too strong. In a caption on her socials, she thanked her mother for the seven months she carried her in her womb.

The Mummy Yo singer further noted how she was shocked by the shirt that her mother was dressed in. It had a picture of Sheebah with the words, “Sheebaholic Soljah 4 Life.”

I Spent The Whole Day With The Person I Love, Cherish & Respect The Most In This World!! My Mama🌹 I Didn’t Want Her To…

Posted by Sheebah on Thursday, August 8, 2019

On an unrelated note, if you’re a man out there and very much into Sheebah, you now probably know that she is impressed by the simple things. Shoot your shot!

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