A step closer towards throwing her beef with Sheebah Karungi into the past, Cindy Sanyu is already taking lessons the first of which is to avoid inheriting enemies as a sign of loyalty.

For a while now, Ugandan divas Sheebah and Cindy have been at loggerheads on music-related grounds which led to a battle of words as both camps breathed fire in attack and retaliation.

The differences involved their respective fans who used social media as the battleground to sort out their differences. A few songs were also released to the effect including Sheebah’s Jealousy and Kimansulo.

Cindy as well dropped Copicat which was directed to Sheebah Karungi and Vinka (who sided with Sheebah) as depicted in the video where she used mannequins dressed as the two songstresses.

Sheebah Karungi

Just when you thought the battle was reaching boiling point, Sheebah dropped a hint that she wanted out of it as she shared a video of herself dancing to Cindy’s new song titled ‘Boom Party’. Cindy applauded her act and with that, the beef was swept under the carpet.

The biggest beneficiary of this battle seems to have been Cindy straight from the start and even now that she seems to have taken a few lessons to life. She notes that one shouldn’t inherit other people’s enemies to show loyalty.

Don’t inherit other peoples enemies mbu to show loyalty. It’s just stupid. Decide for yourself who you wanna keep around you and who you don’t.

Cindy Sanyu | Facebook

She does have a point in saying that and we wonder where this leaves the fans who inherited their enemies by choosing sides with the two artistes.

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