A few days back, we reported how former dancehall ragamuffin Treka Man had switched roles from being a full-time musician to a part-time school cook.

While speaking to comedian Amooti Omubalanguzi who once worked with Treka Man in the Amarula Family comedy group, a warning was issued to the school authorities to keep a very keen on the singer.

Amooti, who advised the school authorities to be watchful of the Alive singer, feared that he was employed in a very tempting department that could lead to his sacking when some kilos of beans and posho go missing.

Am very happy for Treka Man to have turned a school cook. He is one of the products who were nutured from Amarula Family group. My only worry is that he was placed in a very tempting food department. He may not last for a full year. It’s because it’s hard to find a person given 100Kg’s of food and cooks them all. In most cases, they cook 70Kg’s and walk away with the 30kg’s. And since is an artist who would want to shoot an expensive that’s were he is most likely to find difficuties.


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Solomon Mwesigwa

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