Veteran dancehall singer Barbara Ndagire a.k.a Queen Bella is not happy with the way she has been treated since embarking on her journey of a comeback.

Since returning to Uganda, after a few years working abroad, Bella has been releasing music and doing a few media tours on different media stations around the country.

Everywhere she goes, she moves with her young boyfriend, also a singer known as Rich2 Trumpeter. The two made their relationship public and are often seen displaying affection for each other even in public.

Rich2 Trumpeter and Bella – Photo By Blu Monkey

Their coupling up has been faced with several attacks as critics claim that the guy is in for the money. Others claim that he is being used as a toy to satisfy Bella’s needs.

The ‘Dodo’ singer is also not happy at all with how she has been labelled as a faded artiste and she feels her input in the music industry has not been appropriately credited.

In a post shared on her social media platforms, the singer continues to reveal what a caring and loving man her boyfriend is as she pledges to love him for many more years to come.

I know in Ug when an artist is a legend and decides not to settle for less (she) is called faded, which is understandable for average minds. People ain’t credited for their input, this has led to many of our brothers and sisters to resort to drug, alcohol addiction and depression, performing for free every where to keep up appearances all to please you. Me I won’t. You need services from me, you pay.

Anyhow, Rich 2 is not a toy to play around with, this is not a joking subject and we are OK. Ate alina waka. His caring and pursuing dreams like any of us. Love chose us. Remember am not doing anything according to your expectations, am doing me. So you either like it or not.

Bella De Maestro | Facebook

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