Straka Mwezi reportedly evicted over unpaid rent again

Sizzaman’s former girlfriend and media darling Straka ‘Baibe’ Mwezi is back in the headlines after she reportedly failed to clear the rent arrears at her bar located in the areas of Bweyogerere.

Straka is said to have been evicted from the premises over cash amounting to UGX 7M. The reports furthermore indicate that all the equipment at the bar were confiscated by the landlord with hopes of recovering the money.

According to the information gathered from the chairman of the area, he explained that Straka’s bar has been shut and her posters removed from the premises.

Straka Mwezi during her early days at the Late Night Show on WBS TV.

The Local Chairman of the area also explained that he cannot either confirm or dispute the claims because Straka has never reached his office to talk about the matters.

He, however, confirmed that the premises are now occupied by the landlord’s businesses. In the past years, Straka has been a victim of eviction circumstances and has on several occasions been evicted from different areas where she has rented.


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Posted by Bukedde on Wednesday, August 14, 2019

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