Local rapper Gravity Omutujju faced the wrath of fans when he requested Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi a.k.a Bobi Wine for a remix of his new song titled Abanyampi.

The request seemed as if the Trouble Entertainment boss had jumped from a frying pan and into fire as critics trashed the song and bashed him. Some fans advised him to hook up with Fresh Daddy on the remix.

Surprisingly, lately known for his vulgar and abusive replies, Gravity Omutujju kept his cool which left a few of his fans with thoughts whether he had learned from his previous encounters with fans.

I want to do a remix of my new song Abanyampi with President Bobi Wine.

Gravity posted

Below are some of the reactions from his followers:

Sula Flexible “Kati biki bino Byewayimbye Naye Ekinyori kino Oba Kyabaaki ?? Oba tokyayina good music Dayo Ewamwe Olime Entula Gravity. kiriza Defeat Musajja Tokyayina work …. Kasasiro Mbu Abanyambi, kapa yo, …Hmm. Mind you …Bobi wine Is a national property can’t collaborate with stupid people. …try Fresh Daddy. Thank You!”

Magobi Da Silva Saminho: “One of ur funs told u to do changes n the way u do ur music and u just abused him,,,but he was so ryt,,, the music u are making z totally off track,,,, kati fresh Daddy ayimbe kyi,,  Abanyambi,, u making music half baked,, it’s not worth to some of our ears”

Kyarisiima Byensi“Gweee Gravity omutuju wetelezze look for Bebecool is akakensa of okunyampa in da whole Uganda leave our president alone,he has many things to settle be 2021”

José Proxmo Help you to do what but it’s better remix it with TAMALE MIRUNDI

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