For over twenty years, East Africa has been blessed with the golden sounds of Joseph Mayanja a.k.a Jose Chameleone. He now plans on calling it a day in order to let the young generation take over.

With a legacy he has built for over two decades, Chameleone is unarguably one of the music greats – not only in East Africa but on the African continent as a whole.

His music achievements are incomparable and they go beyond awards and hit songs, digging deeper within people’s souls who have turned out to distinguish themselves as his die-hard fans.

Some love him for his unique voice, some for his character, others for the message he has always relayed in his music. His energetic performances have also garnered him special appreciation from a whole lot of fans.

Above all, you can’t fail to pick inspiration when you listen to the story of how he, with almost no funds but dedication and self belief, managed to get on that Mawingo bus to Kenya where his journey to stardom all began in 1999.

Fast forward to 2019, there is a lot that you can tag along to the name Chameleone. He is not a saint and has hence done a few unpleasant things but he is one asset that most Ugandans are proud to call their own.

Jose Chameleone (Photo by Nicholas Bamulanzeki)

20 good years at the helm is even beyond imagination for any artiste in the Ugandan industry today. That makes him iconic and it’s even more meaningful that he knows it too.

The Leone Island Music Empire CEO is now choosing to step aside and let the younger generation take the lead. He revealed this prior to his performance at the forthcoming UNAA convention which he believes will be his very last.

My final performance at the UNAA!! 2021. Been doing this same thing for 20 Years. I got to leave this for the next generation.

Jose Chameleone

Where is his next journey focused then? Politics! He has made the world aware that he is ready and set to take on his next challenge in the political spheres having announced a bid to contest for the 2021 Kampala Mayoral seat.

Does he have what it takes to immortalize himself in politics like he did in entertainment? Why not? He is a man of indefinable charisma and his determination is unquestionable.

All this comes just a few days after legendary emcee, MC Kats, laid out his intentions to bow out of the game as well and sit back to watch what the next generation can do for the industry.

With that golden generation deciding to call it a day, does the young generation have what it takes to uplift Uganda back to its former glory musically?

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Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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