Back then, performing live was not really considered a big deal in the Ugandan music industry but the trend has forcefully caught up with the artistes lastly.

Most evidently, this will be witnessed tonight at the Bell All-Star Jamz concert were each artist will be performing live. Good enough it’s the new and fresh talents that will be performing.

A few months back, Blackman Records boss Geosteady opened up a new studio that he named The House Music Line where he immediately kicked off with serious live performance practice.

Having elevated his live performance game to a new level, the Wampamba singer now feels like a king and did not fall shy of letting the whole world know about it.

He went on and stressed how it’s not just about picking up a microphone but how well one vocally projects and perform to the beat of the backline.

How I perform on Live makes me a king somewhere coz man it’s not just about picking up a microphone but also how well you vocally project and perform to the beat of the backline.


Whatever tips that Geosteady has mastered in the short period of time, don’t you think its too early for him to start feeling like a king?

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Solomon Mwesigwa

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