Renown controversial city socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa a.k.a Bad Black has confirmed the reports that have been circulating indicating how she broke up with her young boyfriend Sky West.

Sky West met Bad Black in Dubai several years ago and it is claimed that at the time, he wasn’t aware that she was a renown socialite and famous in the +256.

The two became so close and formed a relationship from which they currently await the birth of their baby. The baby is however likely to be welcomed onto the face of the earth with the couple not in good terms.

Sky West and Bad Black

This comes after Bad Black confirmed that she broke up with Sky West in a series of posts on her Snapchat. In one of the screenshots, she is seen revealing that she is not in a relationship with anyone currently.

This to let you know am single and willing to locate. Not so desperate for sex… am not in a relationship with anyone.

Bad Black | Snapchat

In another revelation, the socialite says that she had to leave as soon as she failed to find happiness in the relationship. She also reveals that she feels like dating her ex-boyfriend Meddie Ssentongo again.

Never be bonded in a relationship. As soon as you can’t find happiness, move on, especially we ladies who hustle for a living… Me and Sky West (are) no more. I think am going to date Meddie Ssentongo again.

Bad Black | Snapchat

The reasons as to why the two have decided to call it quits are still unconfirmed but it is believed that Sky West was starting to feel belittled by Bad Black.

Sources close to Sky West note that the 25-year-old was fed up with how Bad Black treated him. “He was being treated like a toy which she ran to just to fulfill her desires,” says one of his friends.

They also reveal that the socialite never really provided financial assistance to Sky West as the public has been forced to think overtime. It was rather the other way round.

Can Bad Black really move on with Meddie Ssentongo again? Well, it is a possibility since the two still share close friendship and they are often seen enjoying each other’s company in public on several occasions.

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