Again, BB Zanda is accusing John Blaq’s crew of attempting to kill one of his friends who was allegedly stabbed during the Pizza Festival that happened on Sunday.

In May, BB Zanda accused John Blaq of wanting to kill him because his voice sounds like the ‘Mama Bulamu’ singer’s trademark voice. Zanda later apologized and revealed that he was John’s number one fan.

Three months later, the little known Zanda is back with accusations pinning John Blaq’s crew members of attacking, beating and stabbing one of his friends over the weekend.

He claims that after performing at the event, he wasn’t feeling fine so he left the venue immediately leaving some of his friends behind. One of them was attacked by unidentified people who claimed they were looking for Zanda. He was severely beaten and stabbed.

They called me the next morning saying that my friend was in a critical condition. I found him still lying unconscious when I reached hospital. When he regained consciousness, he explained to me that goons approached him with John Blaq and kept asking for BB Zanda as they beat and stabbed him. They attacked him with intentions of killing and finishing him off and it’s the venue’s security that saved the situation.

BB Zanda while speaking on NBS UnCut
BB Zanda

About the matter, John Blaq claims that he is being blackmailed but nothing being said will sway him out of his lane because he is focused and determined and hungry for more musical success.

Whatever they say is not my business. What I have to do is remain focused and ambitious on my mission. It’s not every time that only good things will be said about me. Even Jesus was talked about wrongly.

John Blaq

The singer further states that the only problem he has with BB Zanda is copying his music style and going ahead to label his songs with John Blaq’s name.

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