Politics is a sin but I don’t hate Bobi – Bucha Man (VIDEO)

Former Fire Base Crew Vice President Bucha Man noted that politics is a sin when asked to give an opinion about Bobi Wine’s hopes to run for the presidential seat.

Bucha Man who did not want to mention anything about politics kept on distancing himself from the question but finally concluded disclosing how it is a sin.

Bobi Wine

Bucha Man also maintained his ground on his relationship with his former boss, noting that he does not hate Bobi Wine.

I don’t hate Bobi Wine and I can’t hate him because there’s no reason why I should hate him. But politics is a dirty game and I advise youths not to involve themselves in politics. Politics is a sin and no rastaman should be involved in that.

Bucha Man

He rather explained that he only hates politics because it is a Babylon system. The Abakyala Mwagalaki singer added that it’s only the Rastafari system that can change the Babylon system.

Butcher Man

Butcherman Ne Ziza Bafana batabuse!!

Posted by RADIO 4 Uganda on Monday, August 26, 2019

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