The 2019 UNAA – Uganda North American Association – Causes Convention kicked off on August 29th with several activities including performances from local artistes who traveled for the cause.

This year’s event is happening at the Grand Hyatt in Chicago and will go on till September 2nd. The UNAA Causes aims at stimulating and encouraging nationwide acquaintance and fellowship among members in North America, Europe and Uganda.

Their mission is to bring together Ugandans now living in North America and create a platform on which they can network, share, and experience Ugandan culture and the abundant opportunities of their new homes abroad.

In all previous occasions, apart from a few controversial twists, the festival has been a success as Ugandans abroad meet and have fun with their visiting friends and entertainers.

The major criticism from a few attendees however has been the nature of crowd that it attracts. Edward Sendi, a media personality and music critic, attended this year’s event and he witnessed the crowd factor firsthand.

Edward Sendi

It has often been said that the crowd is largely covered by old women and men, those above 50 years old, and this limits the younger ones from taking part.

After witnessing the issue with his own naked eyes, Sendi requests that the organizers should find a way of limiting people above 50 years of age from attending.

Organizers of UNAA Causes should put an age cap on the ladies coming to their events. You look around n average age is 50.

Edward Sendi

Do you agree with Sendi’s findings and is the age cap the best solution for the UNAA Causes?

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