Since Friday, we have been occupied with the news of Eddy Kenzo and Rema Namakula – one of the renown celebrity couples in Uganda – separating.

The rumors that have been circulating for a couple of months matured into reality when invitation cards inviting people to Rema’s introduction party in November leaked online.

With the heat came emotions but Eddy Kenzo did well initially to play around the entire revelation. On Sunday evening however, the Big Talent singer let loose with a deeply emotional message to his baby mama.

Through his social media, the singer noted how much he loved Rema and how heartbroken he is to see her leave. He however emphasizes that he respects her decisions.

He starts it off revealing that he cannot cut communication with Rema because she is the mother of his daughter Aamal and that bonds them forever.

Rema Namakula | Photo by Oscar Ntege

He reveals that in this situation, he has discovered new enemies who are taking advantage to fight him and throw him back on the streets. He concedes defeat in that case.

I’m a fighter, hustler mukunonya sente (in looking for money) but not in fighting people so I don’t think I can win this battle honestly speaking.

Eddy Kenzo

Kenzo emphasizes that despite the situation, he is not the type of man to go public in exposing the secrets of the mother of his children. He even vows to quit music in protection of his baby mama’s secrets.

I have to protect Rema no matter what. I’m not going to do interviews, I’m not gonna prove my self right. God knows why our relationship failed, we wanted to have the best couple and best life but that’s how the world is..

Eddy Kenzo

Reading further, the singer wishes the best to Rema and her new man, Doctor Hamza Sebunya, whom he also asks to take care of Rema because she is a good woman who desired and deserves a man like him.

Rema and Hamza Sebunya

He also reveals that Rema knows so much about his life including his riches because she is the only one he has trusted thus far in his life. He requests that she takes whatever she wants from his home in Seguku when the time comes for her to leave their home and into her new life with her new man.

Kenzo then ends the emotional message noting how he has been part of Rema’s development as an artiste and asks her to remain the good friend that he knows and never his enemy.

I pushed her to be a better person, wrote for her big hits and participated in the production of hits that will stay forever. She will sing this music for so many years. I’m not perfect but I have tried my best. Remember, she is the best vocalist of all times. She loves music with all her heart. If you give her support in her career, that will be the best feeling ever.

Eddy Kenzo

Read the full message below:

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