John Blaq and Vinka’s ‘Sweet Love’ notches a million views

By the end of this year, it won’t be a big deal for Ugandan artistes to hit one million views on their YouTube videos as the fresh artistes look forward to changing the norm.

John Blaq, in particular, now has three music video surpassing the 1M mark; Tukwatagane (1.6M), Sweet Love (1M), and Obubadi (1.3M) in a period of just over a year.


The singer couldn’t hide his excitement as he shared the good news with his followers and gave credits to the videographer Bahemuka Hassan of Hasz Media on his Instagram account.

Published on 30th June 2018, ‘Sweet Love’ was one of John Blaq’s first songs and Vinka herself hadn’t been around for too long as well. It is such a milestone worth celebrating for both artistes who only keep getting better with each release.

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