Former Blu3* songstress Jackie Chandiru’s health situation just continues to worsen each day that goes by.

The sad news coming in indicates that the Gold Digger singer disappeared from the Naguru health facility center without the doctors’ consent. So far, the efforts to try to look out for her have all been in vain.

Her escape was revealed by events promoter Balaam Barugahara who had just returned to the country and spared some time to check on her at Naguru.

Jackie Chandiru

Shockingly, on reaching the health center, he was given sad news by her ward-mates of how Chandiru was ‘stolen’ from the hospital by yet to be identified people.

They went ahead and disclosed that for a while now, Jackie Chandiru has been willing to end her life saying she is fed up of living a miserable lifestyle.

They furthermore noted that her arms were both filled with wounds resulting from the toxic injections that she always injected herself with. Ballam called upon the public to put her in prayers.

Jackie Chandiru is not well at all and sadly she escaped from the hospital after she was stolen by unknown people. More scaring news is that of late she has been confessing of how she was wanted to end her own life. By the time she escaped one of her arm with a wound that had failed to heal was going to be amputated.


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