To start with, this is not a Xenophobic slur. DJ Xzyl loves all kinds of people regardless of your race, age, or character but she prefers to work in places with much older people than the younger ones.

DJ Xzyl (pronounced as ‘exile’), real name Francesca Nyakaisiki, is a celebrated female disk jockey – one of the finest in Uganda and East Africa. She has performed at some big stages and is a regular on top radio stations in the country. Her brand keeps soaring in the music industry each day.

While speaking in an interview on a local website, DJ Xzyl revealed what a challenge it is being a female deejay in a male-dominated entertainment industry. She notes that persistence and the ‘girl of steel’ character has enabled her thrive thus far.

Having performed at several stages and night hangouts, you can trust DJ Xzyl to tell you which of the diverse crowds is most preferred by deejays. In her own opinion, she prefers to work with older people and foreigners. Her reasons are quite interesting:

Anywhere I’m working is fine or somewhere with older people. Young people get sweaty and are apologetically loud. A place with foreigners, generally people passing through, or people who don’t ordinarily live within the city, because they won’t judge you.

Locals, on the other hand, are just good at playing the ‘I know better‘ card. They ask for the same music which can get boring to play day in-day out and also stunts my creativity and growth as a DJ. Plus, in my own way, I believe you put your best set forward every time you perform because you never know when you will next perform for the same audience.

DJ Xzyl as quoted in an interview from Glim

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