One of the legendary artistes in the Ugandan entertainment industry Maddox Ssemanda Ssematimba will be holding a concert on 4th October 2019.

Most of his fans know him for his old songs, most of which were released in the early 2000s. His fanbase is a mixture of all generations but is majorly comprised of the old music fans.

His legendary status is not questionable but the common query has always been about why he has not released a new song in recent years. Children born after 2006 have probably only come to know of Maddox from their parents.

While talking at a presser held in Luzira, the ‘Namagembe’ singer revealed that he will not be releasing new music anytime soon because his music is timeless and never fades. He, therefore, doesn’t see any reason why he should release new music.

My music is good music and good music never fades unless otherwise, I will only release new music when people get fed up of my old songs which I don’t think is happening anytime soon.

Maddox Ssematimba

Whether or not you concur with him on the issue, one thing is for sure, his music is timeless and all his fans have a chance of watching him perform all his songs come October.

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