Eddy Kenzo, Rema Namakula and their daughters.

The Big Talent Entertainment Record label has issued a statement concerning the Eddy Kenzo – Rema Namakula relationship break-up that became official when the latter’s introduction cards leaked on social media.

In a long post on their official Facebook page, the statement disclosed how Uganda’s most decorated musician grew up from a humble background and eventually became an inspiration to many across the world.

The post furthermore reveals how God has put the BET award winner on several trials throughout his entire life – from being chased from recording studios at a tender age until Bobi Wine offered him a chance to break the glass ceiling on the entertainment scene.

One aspect couldn’t be left out, the part concerning his current love life after being dumped by his baby mama who will soon be an official wife to Dr. Hamza Ssebunya come 14th November.

The statement expresses how he has been harassed to marry Rema several times yet according to him, God had not yet revealed whether it is the right time.

Shockingly, the post concludes by revealing how a real wife does not rush her lover for marriage just after disclosing how Rema was eyeing Kenzo’s fortunes.

The statement comes after it is reported that Rema left Kenzo’s Seguku home totally empty with all the household properties taken to her new home.

He grew up in a humble cultured family. Currently single not searching yet. His childhood was miraculous nature and entire life full of miracles. God took all his parents at eight years old leaving Eddy Kenzo lonely street kids orphan. God told him, Eddy, I will never forsaken you, never leave you but I will always use enemies to put you on trials to test your patience, creativity and hardworking and later, I shall build walls infront of your enemies so that they won’t see you. Here God test to Eddy Kenzo, as a street footballer, they removed him from under 17 Villa national team to play his school even though was the best. He tried singing but they denied him opportunities to sing in their studios at young age, they refused to play his music on TV and radio, they tormented him less privileged man like Wizkid. But God told him, Eddy Kenzo, the wise Yasin, the Sun from West to East, you will rise up among them as the winner and you will travel the Global to make change in lives of many young and adult. God fulfilled his promise to Eddy Kenzo. God sent Bobi Wine now Hon. MP who met Eddy Kenzo, an orphan singing in the bar and Hon. Bobi Wine accepted to offer first recording which went viral took Eddy Kenzo from street to own his first rented house. Now God opened doors to this orphan to Global audience with Stamina, Sitya Loss and many hit songs made an orphan a multi millionaire cruising range rovers, Land Cruisers, Mercedes Benz hit after hit from Uganda to New York, Dubai to Eauro to Canada to London. God asked Eddy Kenzo, am God Allah you believe who made man include your enemies in order to put you on trials and test. Do they understand?. God asked Eddy Kenzo. They harassed him to Mary their daughter who came to be his girlfriend before is ready and God told him, you are not ready. They need your fortunes but not you. A real wife or real lovers don’t force you to rush for mariage. God took Eddy Kenzo to Mecca to pray and see all enemies by His Side.

Big Talent

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