When Golden Production Band singer Ronald Mayinja performed his Bizeemu song during Catherine Kusasira’s ‘Tears Of A Woman’ concert, he left many with mixed reviews.

In fact, after the show, Kusasira immediately expressed how she was not happy with the singer for performing the song yet it was not one of the songs included on his performance schedule.

During the same night, a seemingly furious Bebe Cool declined to hold any interview pointing at Mayinja’s act of performing his ‘Bizeemu’ song before the head of the state President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

He, however, couldn’t stay silent forever because it kept haunting him until he took to his socials and collected a few old and new photos of Mayinja and compared them.

He went ahead to reveal how he personally thanks Mayinja for working so hard to live a better life he is living today but advises him to teach young people how he transformed his own life.

As for me, I personally thank Ronald Mayinja for working so hard for a better life today and I pray he teaches the young people how he made it from the 80’s life to the present life he enjoys.

It’s always important you remember where you come from to appreciate where you are.

Bebe Cool

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