Oh well, here we go again! Andrew Benon Kibuuka, the chairperson of the Federation of Performing Artistes in Uganda (FPAU), has noted that Jose Chameleone and Maddox Ssematimba have not gained the legendary status yet.

The past few days have witnessed sections of fans of Maddox Ssematimba tussle it out with those of Jose Chameleone after the former, during an interview, revealed that he does not think the latter is a legend in the Ugandan music industry.

Andrew Benon Kibuuka (Middle)

Several fans of the Leone Island CEO, as well as critics from the media, called out Maddox saying that his statement was wrong and a sign of disrespect to a man who has been a great pillar in the industry for over two decades.

While appearing on Spark TV’s Live Wire show, Andrew Benon Kibuuka revealed that both are not yet at the legendary level as he went on to explain who a proper legend should be.

A legend is a person who has become an exemplary figure. A person who has faded and outlived his prime years cannot be termed as a legend. It’s for people who have seen and done it all but are still role models for several people.

Andrew Benon Kibuuka

The actor was then asked who, of Maddox and Chameleome, is right to be called a legend. His reply must leave fans of both artistes shocked, if not outright mad.

Both Maddox and Chameleone are not yet legends. They are still very young and active. I don’t think they have surpassed the test of time.

Andrew Benon Kibuuka

Mr. Kibuuka then added that there are people worthy the description of the legendary status in the music industry, the likes of Moses Matovu, Elly Wamala (RIP), Philly Bongole Lutaaya (RIP), etc.

He then noted that Chameleone and Maddox still have a long way to go to join the league of legends. Watch the video below to hear more of what he had to say:

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