Most times that you have read news about Winnie ‘Nwagi’ Nakanwagi this year, it has been because of something she has done wrong. She returns to the headlines again after a maid alleged that she was beaten by the Swangz Avenue songstress.

For the past several months, Winnie Nwagi has been in and out of news and tabloids usually for all the wrong reasons including inappropriate dressing, failing to perform at concerts after being paid, outbursts with media among other things.

Since she is signed in contract with Swangz Avenue, the record label has always come through to repair the damage, releasing statements each time in apology to the affected victims.

The songstress’ latest case however might be beyond the record label’s control because it involves violence, assault, and so much more after she was reported by her maid for allegedly beating her up severely.

The house-help, whose names have been withheld so far, revealed that she has been Winnie Nwagi’s maid for quite a while and she has been most patient in withstanding her violent ways until yesterday when she decided to spill the beans.

Appearing on Sanyuka TV’s UnCut show, the maid exposed Winnie Nwagi saying that she beat her when she took her water bottle without asking for her permission.

I have been her worker for a while. I was sick so I asked for some money to go to the hospital and upon returning, she started beating me saying that I wasn’t really from hospital.

She further asked why I took her water bottle without her permission. I apologized and pleaded for her mercy and told her I would never touch her bottle again.

The maid while speaking to Sanyuka TV

Nwagi however kept beating while insulting her. She then told her to gather all her belongings and immediately leave her house.

The maid further reveals that Nwagi was overworking her, with so many tasks given to accomplish in a very short time especially whenever she brought visitors to her home.

She also says that despite such an overload of work, Nwagi was only paying Shs 100,000 monthly as salary for her services.

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