For most of the past month, the entertainment industry has seen one of the most exciting exchanges which involved two great musicians of this generation; Maddox Sematimba and Jose Chameleone, over the legendary title.

During an interview a few weeks ago, Ugandan Reggae music icon Maddox declined to concur with the common talk that Jose Chameleone, real name Joseph Mayanja, is a legend in the industry.

Several people did not understand why he would come up with such a statement and Chameleone’s fans furiously responded saying that Maddox was just being full of himself and in turn, disrespecting their artiste.

Jose Chameleone

While appearing on NBS TV’s After 5 show on Wednesday evening, the Namagembe singer explained as to why he cannot label Chameleone, nor himself, as a legend.

The composed Maddox revealed that people often misinterpret the word but he knows it should usually be used in reference to mythical characters and rather not to describe people like him.

Most of the times, the word ‘legend’ is used in description of myths in stories and fairly tales of the old days. So I cannot call myself one, but people can refer to me as one.

Maddox Sematimba

The singer reveals that people just confuse ‘legend’ with the word ‘veteran’ which he actually prefers to tag along rather that the former because it describes him better.

I personally prefer to use the word veteran. It’s the word that can be used for all categories of people.

Maddox Sematimba

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