Has Winnie Nwagi’s time to shine finally come? ‘Yes’ would be the perfect response but we can also add that it’s long overdue. She must be feeling it, Swangz Avenue knows it too but can they patch up the lost time?

Winnie ‘Nwagi’ Nakanwagi is undoubtedly one of the very finest singers of this generation. Her unique vocals add spice to the lyrics in her songs, creating music which is capable of lasting longer than the average female artiste’s.

Most fans of Ugandan music also tag the phrase ‘full package’ along her name, something they describe with examples of her ability to dance and her mind-blowing beauty (read ‘body’).

For a fact, her curvaceous body has won a few souls and several girls try to emulate her lifestyle just to see if they can at least achieve a quarter of her curves. I’m just saying.

Why then has she failed to break the barrier and break into the league of the Vinka’s, Sheebah’s and Spice Diana’s of today’s industry? There are several angles which can lead us to different answers in response to that question.

As much as we might want to point at her eroded morals as one of the reasons that have dampened her success story, we cannot skip the common talk that her record label, Swangz Avenue, has not been doing enough for her in recent years.

Winnie Nwagi was signed by Swangz Avenue in October 2014 after emerging as the second runner-up in the Coca Cola Rated Next talent search in May that same year.

Winnie Nwagi being unveiled by Swangz Avenue in 2014

She arrived with high hopes and she indeed had a reason to be hopeful because she already had the talent and with Swangz, her music was assured of a direction and promotion.

In her head, she must have also thought that joining a label with other talents in Irene Ntale and Young Zee would add a lot towards polishing her raw talent.

Five years later, she has enjoyed the ride but she has not been in the front seat at the time when she was expected to. The arrival of Vinka in 2016 saw Nwagi settle for the back seat even after Irene Ntale left in 2017.

Vinka (right) was Irene Ntale’s manager at Swangz before she was signed as an artiste in 2016

There have been rumors flying around indicating that Nwagi has never felt good coming second to Vinka but the Boss Manjah came with her own vibe. She was a wave that swept everything in her way towards the shores.

Nwagi has often denied the claims that she wants to leave Swangz Avenue but has always acknowledged the desire to hold her own concert. Five years is such a long time for an artiste of her stature not to have held a concert yet.

2020 could be the year that her dreams come to reality and the Swangz Ave. bosses seem to have finally made up their minds to fulfill her desires. She has released more audios and videos in the past four months – which is the same period that Vinka has been away.

Vinka left Swangz Avenue’s full control after she signed a deal with Sony Music Africa in late May 2019. That must have left a void space for Swangz to fill and they’re still looking for the perfect replacement.

Vinka signs for Sony Music

A source close to the record label revealed that Vinka is no longer entirely a property of Swangz Avenue because when she signed to Sony Music, they took over every major detail that concerns her brand and music.

Swangz Avenue was however hired to promote and manage the ‘Chips na Ketchup‘ songstress within the Ugandan borders on behalf of Sony and that’s why they are the ones in charge of her local media tours and performances.

She is no longer our artiste. She is signed by Sony. We were hired to promote, push and manage her here in Uganda on behalf of Sony.


The source further revealed that the record label is seriously looking for other talented artistes to sign and they could be revealed before the end of this year.

As Swangz take their time however, Nwagi is reaping the fruits of her hard work and patience. Since May, Nwagi has released four songs (inclusive of collabos). She had only released 2 songs since October 2018.

She is the focus now and she knows it too. The departure of Vinka cut a few branches above her head and she’s enjoying being kissed by the sun. We anticipate to see her flourish (musically) as the year closes.

She deserves it. She needs to work on her morals, however, and to clear her public image especially with the several controversies that seem to always go where her scent is emitted. We wish her well!

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Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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