Jamal Wasswa breathes again on ‘Tumakyinga’ | AUDIO ALERT

Just as his recent song titled ‘Mwagale’ is finding its way on the music chats, Jamal Wasswa returns with another sweet Reggae love song titled ‘Tumakyinga’.

Jamal had his place in most ladies’ hearts permanently booked due to his love songs which advocated for the women, speaking much about the troubles they go through in relationships.

He however took a long break off the scene and most Ugandan music fans must have missed his sweet music. Well, you won’t have to miss him any longer because he’s back now.

In his latest song titled ‘Tumakyinga’ – a Luganda word which means “We Match” – Jamal reassures his love to his special woman as he emphasizes that they were made perfectly for each other.

He wrote the song himself and the audio was produced and mastered by Sound Makers’ Herbert Skillz. Listen to it here first:

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