Allah will judge you – Kenzo emotionally replies Sheikh Muzaata

For the last period of over a month, Eddy Kenzo has faced some of his toughest days on earth since his street days. He lost the mother of his child, Rema Namakula to a one Dr. Hamza Sebunya and yesterday, all hopes of a possible return were quashed.

Rema and Sebunya’s Kukyala took place yesterday and several people were heard dragging Eddy Kenzo’s name in most of their speeches. One of them was Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata.

Dr. Hamza Sebunya and Rema Namakula

In his speech at the ceremony, the Muslim leader said some strong words as he congratulated Rema upon her achievement. The words he said are largely believed to have been directed to Eddy Kenzo.

Rema, you have survived the love ni**as who don’t marry. They always have excuses that they’re still observing if the woman has the same qualities as their mother. Are you stupid? Go and marry your mother.

Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata

It turns out that the Sheikh’s message was delivered to Kenzo who also replied to him saying that he indeed received the message but sadly his mother died longtime ago, over 20 years ago.

The Big Talent Ent. boss further said that he would have probably been a better man if his mother was still alive and despised the Muslim leader for insulting him in front of his own daughter Aamal who was at the event.

Sheikh Nuhu muzata seebo obubaka mbufunye neyanziza naye ebyembi maama wange yafadda mugenzi like 20 something years back era yensonga lwaki nawe ondabira mukifananyi mwondabira singa abaddewo osanga sandibadde semyekozo nga gwe bwontwara sheik muzata onvumidde mumaso go mwana wange nga akuraba i don't think that was her good day today and she will never forget about you. I thank you mr muzata Allah ajakutulamula kulunaku luli, inshallah salamaleikm 🙏

Posted by Eddy Kenzo on Wednesday, October 9, 2019

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  • We have seen who left their marriages because of stupidity, I told Eddie to remain strong and forgets Rema, This is very stupid with, if Eddie showed Rema that he can work for the family but finally Rema wanted sex more than money, We wait and see, may be even Eddyz daughter belongs to Amuzata,

    Imagine, Amazataz has no time for his children now minding about Eddies Child because of Rema, That is the power Rema is going to have over Amuzzata