BUSTED! Pastor Ssempa admits to following Pornhub on Twitter

Well, oh well, Pastor Martin Ssempa follows Pornhub on Twitter! The renown city pastor and motormouth admitted though stated his reasons after being busted by another popular Twitter user.

Pornhub is the world’s leading free pornography site but why would a self-righteous man of God keep tabs on a social media account that shares all sorts of pornographic content online?

Pastor Martin Ssempa

Pastor Ssempa was busted by a one Fasial Ssesanga who goes by the name Pyepar Faisal on Twitter. He posted a screenshot that showed the Pornhub Twitter handle and the people that follow it.

One of the names of people that Pyepar follows, who also follow Pornhub, is Pastor Ssempa of Makerere Community Church. Immediately the screenshot was shared, the social activist admitted that he surely follows the site’s Twitter handle.

In his defense however, Ssempa revealed that he works on the Ugandan Pornography Control Committee and aims at detecting pornography early before it spreads to the public.

I work on the pornography control committee with mandate of early detection of pornography in Uganda. It’s the human #LokodoMachine.

Pastor Martin Ssempa | Twitter

Pastor Ssempa has often come out to criticize any form of behavior which is not accepted in the African setting including homosexuality, pornography, and all sorts of inappropriate behavior publicly.

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