During a night out, renown comedian Mendo Herbert Ssegujja a.k.a Teacher Mpamire found himself in a moment never to forget – on his knees, begging and crying for Don Nasser’s money as he showered him with praise.

Like a worshiper before a small god, Teacher Mpamire fell to his knees and bowed his head before Nasser who was standing amidst a small crowd in what looks to be bar.

The comedian is heard speaking statements that shower the city tycoon with praises, repeatedly emphasizing how much love he has for the young moneybag.

Don Nasser

Seemingly embarrassed, Mpamire covers his face and buries it onto the ground. Don Nasser as well is embarrassed by the comedian’s actions and he constantly asks him to stand because he hates it when people kneel for him.

Don’t kneel for me. You cannot kneel down for me, I’m not God, you know. You can never kneel down for me I don’t like that.

Don Nasser

All those words however fall on deaf ears as Teacher Mpamire raises his arms out wide, with his tearful face facing the sky as if to suggest that he had finally met his savior.

Several people believe that the comedian was drunk and his actions were not of a sober mind but Mpamire has often done the same around other tycoons including Bryan White.

Take a look at the video below;

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