You’re becoming a clown – A Pass writes to Eddy Kenzo

As many other artists are busy standing in solidarity with singer Eddy Kenzo over his troubles with Sheikh Muzaata, singer A Pass just threw a major shade towards him.

In a long letter that he wrote to the Big Talent Ent. CEO, A Pass frankly revealed to the Stamina singer how social media won’t solve his family troubles.

A Pass added that social media fans and in-laws, who are pretending to be by his side, only love circus before he hinted how he is becoming a clown of sorts because most love it when he cries and complains.

He also advised Eddy Kenzo to sit down and clear his mind and attitude so that he can face the real-life situation he is going through with an objective view.

The Guli Wano singer furthermore advised Kenzo to first forgive himself, reasoning that even if Sheikh Muzaata apologizes it will not have come from realizing his mistake but a place of pressure and not pure acceptance.

#LetterToKenzo My brother Eddy Kenzo social media is not going to solve your problems, these people love circus 🎪 and…

Posted by A PASS on Monday, October 14, 2019

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