While speaking on Pearl FM on Tuesday evening, Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata apologetically asked to have a meeting, to sit and have a chat with Edrisa Musuuza a.k.a Eddy Kenzo to sort out their misunderstandings.

For the longest period in both their lives, Eddy Kenzo and Sheikh Muzaata have been at loggerheads over the latter’s statements which he made during Rema Namakula and Dr. Hamza Ssebunya’s Kukyala ceremony.

In one clip that circulated on social media, the Muslim cleric suggestively told the singer to go and marry his mother and in another, he allegedly accused him of being a homosexual.

Since then, Kenzo has been spewing venom on his social media accounts, promising to cancel his international music tour and return just to face the Muslim leader and sort their differences with a demonstration.

On Tuesday afternoon, Kenzo, through a Facebook live video, revealed that he was set to return on 22nd October and to march to Kibuli Mosque in a peaceful demonstration against Muzaata’s continued ‘foul language’.

Sheikh Muzaata

That same evening, Muzaata was hosted on a talk show on Pearl FM where he revealed that he is not really scared of the threats being sent out on social media because he has been through so much already.

He however agreed to Kenzo’s pleas to meet and talk in efforts to sort out their differences. This has been a prayer for many who have watched videos of Kenzo tearfully expressing himself as per the issue.

We have to meet with Edirisa and talk to end all this. Petty fights on Facebook won’t stop because I’m not scared of social media abuses. I have had a lot of threats before.

Rema is a sister and a daughter because I knew her mother Naboosa Hamida who was a namesake of my mother’s, Nalunkuma Hamida. The same applies to Edirisa. What we have to do to is meet and talk with Edirisa after all they are both Muslims.

We as leaders will keep correcting them where they go wrong. Rema and Kenzo are in the same age limit with my children so you cannot zip my mouth.

Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata Batte

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  1. Sheikh Muzaa B is a disgrace to the Muslim community.I keep wondering how the Kibuli group with a long list of worthy clerics zeroed on such a mess.He lies in the same fold of these self proclaimed pastors littering various parts of the country.I can exemplify him to Bugingo or some components of Yiga,although definitely Yiga is a cooler gentleman.
    Kenzo should demand for an unconditional apology and one at arms length,not one where Muzaa calls the shorts.Alternatively,a mediator,a worth sheikh should do the mediation with stern warning to their own sheikh to desist from such uncalled altercations.
    It’s such a time that make me have real kudos for Sheikh Mubajje,he kept his cool against this gangster.

  2. Shekh Muzaata is aiming for something, when he wanted his wife to get employment st KCCA, he abused Jennipher Musisi, and it was not until the wife got employed that the Sheikh zipped his mouth

  3. Kenzo nawe totumalila budde, you people want drama, just let it be, eeh if he said marry your mum, thy keep telling people that shit ate tetwagala wefule wakabi, hiding behind muzatta in order to cry for rema tekigenda kukola wano, they say silence is luxurious 🎀 had you kept quiet 🤫 stuff would be over and your heart break would have started to heal, Thea z always a boy who behaves like a man and a man who behaves like a boy…. And so Mr. Musuza you’re behaving like a boy. You want to act genius naye Shame on you…. However omuganda agamba guluma yaguza, relax man. 😢

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